Everything in our universe influences the way our universe behaves.  Magnetic fields are just one of these influences.  It is a well known scientific fact that magnets influence atoms and electrons.  It is also well known that all cells making up our bodies are made up of atoms.  Our bodies work on chemical reactions – including the feeling of pain.

Pain occurs when conditions cause the capillary pores to dilate and allow the escape of blood proteins into the cell area.  This crowding of the proteings attracts fluid (inflammation), causes pain, and deprives some of the cells in the area of proper nutrients, resulting in poor cellular functioning. 

The simple introduction of a Magnetic Field can provide stimulation of not only the lymphatic system, but of every cell within the body and create an optimum environment in which the body can heal itself.

Nerves also work using the transfer of positive and negative changes, and positive and negative charges are also influenced by magnetic fields.