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Magnetic influence Multi Purpose Therapy System - Helps Ease Migraine Headaches Osteoarthritis Neck and Back Pain Any Kind of Pain - You Will Feel So Healthy!

What our satisfied customers have to say about Magnetic influence

Kevin S. Charlton from Swansea writes:
I have used Magnetic influence for the pain in my shoulder for a while now and I know that these magnets work. I volunteered this information to let everyone know the benefits of this product.

One man claimed that Magnetic influence cured him and his daughter of Ross River Fever.

Some claims seem outrageous, and then we realized that what the Magnetic influence actually did was take away the "symptoms" of Ross River Fever.

More stories of pain relief using Magnetic influence:

An ex miner in his thirties had been off work for two years and taking pain killing tablets every few hours to relieve his lower back pain. He gave Magnetic influence a few weeks trial and after that time he reported that ninety per cent of his pain had gone. He went back to work part time and he said it was a miracle.

The woman who suffers from regular headaches keeps Magnetic influence in her handbag and whenever the headache comes she places Magnetic influence around her neck just like wearing a scarf.

A gentleman in his late sixties hobbled up to our market stall, the pain from the osteoarthritis in his knee was very acute. He tried Magnetic influence around his knee. He now walks up to us and he often says it was the best investment he made in his life. He put off his reconstruction operation!

One lady had acute osteoarthritis in her lower back and took painkillers everyday. Now she uses Magnetic influence as a belt. No more pain for her.

The couple who were on an extended holiday in a caravan, bought a strip of Magnetic influence for neck and shoulder pain whilst driving. Some months later they called in and bought another strip, the reason being, on their trip the fridge door had come open a few times, they used Magnetic influence to fix it!

The multi purpose Magnetic influence strip sure came in handy...

0ne day at Charlestown Square a lady complained of neck pain and headache. We gave her a strip on loan and asked her to return it before she left the shopping centre. One hour later her daughter came back and paid for it, and bought another two metres!

A friend does a lot of knitting and started to get arthritic pain in her wrists. She now uses Magnetic influence with great results. Keep on knitting!

A volunteer helper at one of the market stalls got a migraine headache. We offered her Magnetic influence for a while. After five minutes she said her migraine was ninety per cent gone!

Before she left she came over and purchased a strip to take home.

One lady who was once hit by a car had some old injuries, one of which was a constant pain in her neck. She wrapped a strip of Magnetic influence around her neck while she waited for her change she said she felt her pain in her neck going away.

Bob told us that his pain in his knee was greatly eased when he used Magnetic influence. At Christmas time he went to a party and he got very drunk. The following morning he suffered from a big hangover so he decided to wrap his Magnetic influence around his head. He said he could not believe that less than twenty minutes later his hangover had disappeared.

Two ladies placed Magnetic influence under a jug of water for about three hours for them to drink magnetized water. They decided to pour the left over water into their pot plant and they were amazed at the fast rate that plant grew!

One Taxi driver had bad back pain. After using Magnetic influence his back pain went, so he told the other drivers it was the best thing he ever bought for himself.

One lady with very swollen legs bought one strip of Magnetic influence. One week later she bought another strip for her other leg saying she was very happy with the results.

A lady with fluid retention problems could not lose much weight. After using Magnetic influence for ten days she lost two kilos.

The wife of a stallholder bought herself a strip of Magnetic influence to relieve her back pain. A short time later, she came back and bought another strip to use as a Magnetic influence belt, she said her husband claimed it for his backache.

A nurse always bruised easily when pushing patients in wheelchairs. She put a strip of Magnetic influence on her leg as soon as she knocked it and for the first time there was no bruising.

A cleaner at a shopping centre was on painkillers for chronic spur on her foot. She wrapped a strip of Magnetic influence around her ankle and she stopped taking tablets for weeks on end.

One lady fell off a horse and sprained her finger. It became very painful so she wrapped Magnetic influence around her finger and after some tingling the pain went away.

A security guard had a bad back pain all night. After wearing the Magnetic influence belt, he worked all night free of pain.

A Grandmother carer for her fifteen year old grandson was tired of getting painkillers for him for his migraine headaches which he had very often suffered with. She gave him a strip of Magnetic influence and he wrapped it around his head like a bandana, the migraine was gone in minutes. No more missing school days!

One doctor came to us at the market stall and purchased Magnetic influence, saying that he was trialling it on his patients because he believed it helped them.

A market stallholder had severe tinnitus in his head. He wore Magnetic influence around his head and it cleared his head noises all day.

One Chinese lady who has bought many metres of Magnetic influence over some time for friends and family, told us simply "because it works."

A guy in his forties was riding his motorbike to Sydney; after he hit a pothole in the road his back pain became intolerable. He used Magnetic influence and he could not believe the relief he got from it.

Peter the ex carpet layer had osteoarthritis in his knees. He reported constant nagging pain. Now he uses Magnetic influence at night and on the following day he walks around pain free.

One doctor suggested to a lady with acute arthritis, to try magnetic therapy, a friend of hers told her about Magnetic influence, she reported back the results were amazing.

A seventy-year-old man, retired for the past sixteen years with a bad back bought a Magnetic influence belt in the morning, went back home and the same afternoon he mowed his lawn for the first time in fifteen years.

A truck driver suffering from aching knees, which was aggravated by climbing in and out of his truck, wrapped Magnetic influence around his lower thighs and found pain free ease to carry on his day-to-day duties.

John from Kotara bought a belt of Magnetic influence for his back pain. He was very relieved to work without pain all day. His wife borrowed his Magnetic influence for her headache and she also got relief in a few minutes. They were on holidays with their two daughters and during the trip one of them got a toothache. Her dad gave her the Magnetic influence to place over her aching tooth and the pain went away. He is a happy user of Magnetic influence, the multi-purpose, multi-user Magnetic influence...

NB: Magnets must be kept away from credit cards, video tapes, cassette tapes, pacemakers and other electronic assisted health devices.

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