What our satisfied customers have to say about Magnetic influence

  • Kevin S. Charlton from Swansea writes:  I have used Magnetic influence for the pain in my shoulder for a while now and I know that these magnets work. I volunteered this information to let everyone know the benefits of this product.
  • An ex miner in his thirties had been off work for two years and taking pain killing tablets every few hours to relieve his lower back pain. He gave Magnetic influence a few weeks trial and after that time he reported that ninety per cent of his pain had gone. He went back to work part time.
  • A woman who suffers from regular headaches keeps Magnetic influence in her handbag and whenever the headache comes she places Magnetic influence around her neck just like wearing a scarf.
  • Peter, an ex carpet layer, has osteoarthritis in his knee. He reported constant nagging pain. Now he uses Magnetic influence at night and on the following day he walks around pain free.
  • A seventy-year-old man, retired for the past sixteen years with a bad back, bought a Magnetic influence belt in the morning, went back home and the same afternoon he mowed his lawn for the first time in fifteen years!
  • Jenny Richards, Mount Hutton NSW  writes : I have suffered with a condition known as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in my wrist for the past six months.  The condition was extremely painful and debilitating and was affecting my ability to carry out minor tasks without experiencing excruciating pain in my wrist.  My doctor suggested that a cortisone injection would be the first step, and if that was unsuccessful then I would need surgery.  I didn’t feel excited about either of the doctor’s suggestions, and decided to search for an alternative therapy. I discovered the magnetic wristband on this website http://www.magneticinfluence.com.au/products/bands-and-back-belts.  I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it out.  I wore the magnetic wristband for 3 days and noticed a distinct improvement.  The pain had reduced by over 50%.  I removed the wristband and noticed that the pain continued to disappear a little more each day.  One month later, after having used the wristband for only 3 days I am 99% pain free.  I just feel a slight twinge now and then.  When I feel a twinge I use the wristband again for a couple of days and the pain disappears.  I’m convinced that the magnetic wristband has healed the De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis in my wrist and am extremely grateful for this wonderful invention.
  •   Karl from Thornleigh – I currently wearing one, I drive the delivery truck, the big one, the hardest thing for me and all my fellow drivers is when we get off the trucks I am so stiff, I need to bit of stretching, and when I get up in the morning, I can’t put my leg straight away on the ground, (it feels there is no blood in them) but with the insoles, none of that is problem. During the day, and driving the truck and in the cabin, it can be very frustrating, I guess the blood isn’t flowing as it should be, but with the insoles I am as cool as, there is one condition for it to work, person has to drink water continuously, I am not saying litre or 10, listen to your body, some people can do with a glass, some 2 litres, just listen to your body. And the belt is for my brother, also Christmas present, he has that back problem and his neck some time gets so stiff, so an insole and the belt should do him a wonder.