Magnetic Influence Multi-wrap

The Magnetic Influence Multi-wrap is a 1 Metre long flexible elasticised wrap which contains 9 high energy magnets. The elasticised strip makes it a very versatile wrap to be used on many parts of the body. The wrap also contains two pocketed parts. One for the single magnet and one for the strip. This allows you to remove the magnets for washing or to add extra magnets.

How to use Magnetic Influence therapy strip

When you have pains in various parts of the body, at varying times, you will find the Multi-wrap extremely useful and economical.

Just wrap it around, or near, the painful area – where ever it is on your body. When the strip feels firm and comfortable, place the single magnet at one end, on top of one of the magnets in the strip. If it doesn’t hold, you need to take out the single magnet and turn it over so it locks into place.


How to use Magnetic Influence therapy multi-wrap as knee-band


How to use Magnetic Influence therapy multi-wrap as ankle-band

Headaches and Migraines

How to use Magnetic Influence therapy strip

Position the Magnetic Influence Multi-wrap around your neck resting on your shoulders and cross the strip around your chest. Check your magnet pole position.

Shoulder Pain

Magnetic Influence therapy strip - multi-wrap bandThe Magnetic Influence Multi-wrap can also be worn diagonally across the back. This is great for office workers or anyone who suffers from tension around the shoulders (trapezius), back of neck and under the shoulder blade (scapula). Apply two and you have wonderful coverage and can work away in comfort.

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Caution: Not for use internally, by pregnant women, near pacemakers, near analogue watches or close to computer equipment.