Magnetic Influence magnetic strip

Patented Magnetic Influence magnetic strips can be bought in strips of nine magnets.

There are two reasons you may want to buy an extra magnetic strip.

  1. If you have a widely distributed area of pain and the magnets contained in your band or back belt don’t quite cover the area, then add more magnets, insert them in the pocket, and have your pain completely covered.
  2. They provide you with a simple, inexpensive way to make effective therapy products with the benefits of our super strong magnets. With Magnetic Influence strip’s vinyl covering, it enables you to sew it, staple it, pin it, clasp it string through and tie it, sticky tape it, tape it and much more.

Add hook and loop or elastic or both and have the tools to make many therapy products for many uses. Some of the ways we have found to use Magnetic Influence Strips are to make Sinus Bands, Therapy Pillows and Magnetic Influence Underlays or Woollen Underlays

Using Handymagnet to make a magnetic therapy sinus band -  The sinus band will also aid in pain in the upper cheek and ear  area - perfect for those uncomfortable sleepless nights

Making a magnetic pillow step 5 Replace cushion cover or pillowcase.

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