Magnetic Influence products can be used any time during the day or night, whenever you feel the pain of arthritis, migraines, headaches, joint and back discomfort or sporting injuries.

It is not necessary to wear the strip all the time. Use it where and when you need it.

Correct Positioning:

Move the magnets so they are over the painful area. If you feel like extra support you can use over a bandage (or under a cloth/wool innersole in the case of our insole) – the magnetic energy is powerful enough to travel through the cover.

Which side of the magnet should you use?

The flat (south) works best for most people, so try it against your body first. However, not everyone is the same, so you might like to try the positive (North) raised side for short periods.


For what ailments can I use Magnetic Influence therapy ?

People who suffer migraines, stress headaches, sinus problems and insomnia can choose to wrap the strip around their head, or hang it around the neck. We suggest you apply the therapy as soon as possible when you feel a headache beginning.

Placing  Magnetic Influence therapy products with the magnets around the back relieves sore necks. Make sure it is kept loose; there is no advantage in wrapping tightly like a tie. Remember, you can wear it under your clothing where no-one will see it, or wrap it in a scarf as a camouflage. It will replace a magnetic collar.

Worn as a belt for back injuries, Magnetic Influence products will act as an anti-spasmodic for soft tissue injury, a muscle-relaxant for cramping muscles and relieve pain by oxygenating the blood into the whole covered area.

Magnetic Influence therapy can be useful for children suffering growing pains. Just position the wrap around the aching leg or above or below the knee, depending on the painful area.

Some people lay a Magnetic Influence strip across the forehead while they are relaxing. This allows the magnetic energy to travel through the sinus passages and act as a muscle relaxant through facial. By placing magnets at the third eye area you will be stimulating the pineal gland. This gland acts like a transducer; it reacts to external stimuli such as heat, light or lack of light. In turn the pineal gland sends messages to other parts of the body to react.

Magnetic Influence therapy reduces the pain and inflammation of both arthritis and gout in the feet. When wrapping around your leg, just above the ankle, take care not to wrap the strip too tightly and limit the blood flow.

Use the strip for up to 8 hours or until you have relief. As with all health products, if you feel uncomfortable – discontinue use.
Not for use internally, by pregnant women, near pacemakers, near analogue watches or close to computer equipment.