Magnetic Influence Band and Back Belt Range

The Magnetic Influence Band and Back Belt Range is designed for comfort and flexibility. They adjust using Velcro® fasteners for a snug firm fit. Each product contains a pocket section which can accommodate a varying number of magnetic strips to suite your needs and positioning. The section opening secure shut using Velcro®

The magnet strips can be easily removed for washing of the outer cloth fabric.How to use Magnetic Influence therapy strip


Magnetic Influence therapy strip - wrist band

Wrist Band

Size: Minimum 150 mm. Maximum: 290 mm

Magnetic Influence therapy strip - arm band

Arm/large wrist band

Size: Minimum 290 mm. Maximum: 450 mm

Magnetic Influence therapy strip - knee band

Knee Band

Size: Minimum 450 mm. Maximum: 590 mm


Magnetic Influence therapy strip - back band

Back Belts.

You have a multi-functional back-belt. It can be worn underneath or over your clothing. The easily adjustable attachment allows you to wear the belt anywhere on your back area, covering the upper-back, lower-back, middle-back or hips.

Small Size:
Minimum 790 mm Maximum 990 mm
Medium Size:
Minimum 1050mm Maximum 1250 mm
Large Size:
Minimum 1300 mm Maximum 1500 mm


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Caution: Not for use internally, by pregnant women, near pacemakers, near analogue watches or close to computer equipment.