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Magnetic Therapy Products

Magnetic Therapy Products

Buy online at the Magnetic Influence online sales web site.

Magnetic Influence provides products of the utmost of quality. Our customers are not only happy with our products but astounded with their results.

Supplying you with the best value for money, our prices are affordable and very competitive.

Magnetic Influence specialises in magnetic therapy products including magnetic aids for the human body as well as magnetic products for pets.

In manís long search for a universal cure-all, none fits the description nearly as well as magnetic energy fields. The application of magnetic energy on areas of pain is inexpensive and unlike prescription drugs, is without any dangerous side effects.

START NOW - take an active interest in your own health, stop suffering, stop using chemical drugs and start using nature's healing energy Ė MAGNETS !!! (more information)

Magnetic Therapy Products For The Human Body and Pets

Magnetic therapy online sales

Health and therapy magnets

As an Australian manufacturer and supplier of pain relief products for the past 10 years. We are dedicated and committed to bringing our customers only the highest quality magnetic therapy products to relieve their aches and pains.

Our focus is innovation and affordability to any one with soft tissue injury, sports injuries or aches and pains that come with age.

We supply a large selection of magnetic therapy aids, including bed underlays, wrist bands, ankle supports, elbow straps, back belts, knee guards plus much more, as well as magnetic underlays for pets.

Our Therapy Magnetic Insoles are made from flexible magnetic rubber and are moulded with raised bumps that act as the added benefit of stimulating the acupressure points in the foot which pertain to different parts of the body. (Reflexology Foot Chart)

Various products are made from spandex and neoprene plush with elastic and velcro attachments for ultimate comfort and adjustable sizing. The magnets used are flexible magnetic strips, bipolar ferrite discs or neodymium button magnets. For more information see the helpful tips for using magnetic therapy products.

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