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Magnetic Jewellery.

Buy online at the Magnetic Influence online sales web site.

Magnetic Influence provides products of the utmost of quality. Our customers are not only happy with our products but astounded with their results.

Supplying you with the best value for money, our prices are affordable and very competitive.

Magnetic Influence specialises in magnetic therapy products including jewellery, magnetic aids for the human body as well as magnetic products for pets.

In manís long search for a universal cure-all, none fits the description nearly as well as magnetic energy fields. The application of magnetic energy on areas of pain is inexpensive and unlike prescription drugs, is without any dangerous side effects.

Magnetic Therapy Jewellery (Jewelery Jewelry Jewlry)

Magnetic jewellery online sales

From anywhere in the world, no matter how you spell it, the word jewellery has the same meaning: beautiful ornaments that adorn the body.

Ferrite and red gypsy bracelet - magnetic therapy jewellery Ferrite and yellow jade pendant - magnetic therapy jewellery Ferrite and turquoise bracelet - magnetic therapy jewellery

Combine magnetic power with these lovely trinkets and you have the added benefit of internal health and well-being.

This is jewellery that looks great and helps you feel great! We have a large variety of necklaces, bracelets, earings and anklets in many gorgeous, colourful crystals such as jasper, agate, howlite, tiger eye, sunstone, hematite, magnetic ferrite, gold and silver. Check out our unique designs such as our Yin Yang pendant (about Yin and Yang)

Combinations of magnetism and crystal powers provide various energies for the body and will overall aid in good circulation. (Guide to crystals and their effects on health and well-being)

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