How long should I use Magnetic Influence magnetic products?
Magnetic Influence products can be used as long as you want, but usually will only be required a couple of hours a day.
Should I wash Magnetic Influence products?
All Magnetic Influence products are designed to be washed as the magnets can be removed beforehand. Many other magnetic products have glue adhering their magnets. Washing these products can influence the glue, and magnets can be dislodged or rotate position and polarity. Magnetic Influence magnets are encased in plastic so they can be removed and replaced in position.
Is Magnetic Influence registered with the TGA?
Magnetic Influence strips are protected by Australian Innovative Patent No 2004100317 and included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.
What is the strength of your magnets?
The magnets in Magnetic Influence products are neodymium and iron boron magnets which are the latest technology, strongest magnets available.
How does the strength of the magnet affect is effectiveness?
When it comes to magnetic therapy the effectiveness of the treatment is relative to the strength of the magnet. Magnetic Influence magnetic therapy uses 12,500 gauss magnets. Compare that to most other brands that only use 3000 gauss magnets,or lower intensity.
Who owns Magnetic Influence?
Magnetic Influence is owned and operated by International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd. International Magnetic Solutions Pty. Ltd. (IMS) is a global company that primarily designs, manufactures and develops complete magnetic solutions & products within the Education, Industrial and Commercial disciplines. International Magnetic Solutions also manufacture and sell other magnet accessories and have a strong Global presence within what has become a huge import/export market.


  • Caution: Not for use internally, by pregnant women, near pacemakers, near analogue watches or close to computer equipment.