“I’m convinced that the magnetic wristband has healed the De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis in my wrist and am extremely grateful” (see testimonials)

 Magnets have long been used as a natural therapy for treatment of arthritis, migraines, headaches, joint pain, back pain, and more. This powerful energy is becoming more widely recognised as a useful tool in pain relief – in Britain magnetic products have been added to the list of goods available through their National Health system.

However, not all Magnetic Therapy is created equal. And, when it comes to magnetic therapy the effectiveness of the treatment is relative to the strength of the magnet. Magnetic Influence magnetic therapy uses 12,500 gauss magnets. Compare that to most other brands that only use 1000 gauss magnets. The gauss measures the intensity of the magnet, allowing penetration into the aMagnetic intensity of exceptionally strong magnets penetrates deep to relieve painrea of pain. The diagram on the right illustrates how the intensity of a Magnetic Influence magnet is stronger to penetrate further. The penetration of a weaker magnet will be proportional to this.

Magnetic Influence has a range of innovative, patented technology offering you the lastest in Magnetic Therapy.  The range provides:

  1. Exceptionally strong magnets for magnetic therapy, thereby giving effective relief.  All our therapy products have a 12,500 gauss strength.
  2. Non invasive, natural therapy which is very easy to use. Each product has its own individual benefit and each is simple to use.
  3. A more flexible, adaptable and attachable therapy than any on the market.
  4. Convenience.  The Magnetic Influence Multi-wrap and Bands each fold down to fit into the palm of your hand, thereby making them easily stored at home and travelling.
  5. Concealment: Magnetic Influence therapy products are designed to be discreet, so they can be easily hidden by clothing.
  6. Economy. Buy once, use unlimited times and SAVE money.

Therefore, we believe that the Magnetic Influence therapy range offers you the best magnetic therapy products on the market.